Deirdre Hammaker

Author & Owner


Deirdre is a mom of triplets, yes triplets! 

One of them, Ben, was discovered to be on the autism spectrum at 1 years old.  Having multiples has given Deirdre the distinct advantage of seeing typical and atypical development side-by-side.  She will be the first to tell you our special needs kids are very smart and more like other kids than you know!  Deirdre has applied these observations to intervention and passionately pursues helping families, especially with early learners, get immediate and productive support.  


passion and experience

With a Biology degree and Wonder Woman administrative and organizational skills, Deirdre has:

Special needs continual learning since 2003


Proactive and engaged medical coordination for cancer and autism


Fluency with understanding insurance coverage and workarounds

Mastery writing SMART goals for IEPs and Waiver plans

Cross-coordination of five program plans to increase learning and progress

Generalizing support across settings to accelerate goal achievement

Successful sourcing of simple, free, and/or inspiring professional resources

Solutions-oriented with a strength to better every situation immediately

Data-driven analysis with focus on situational best practices

Deirdre's Goal


To make autism easier for parents and caregivers and improve all children's outcomes 

with simple, engaging, and fun early home-base practices.