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ABC Letter Book free

Virtual Learning Just Got Better! 

Dear Parents, SLPs, ABA Therapists, and General Educators,

You can see results with The ABC Letter Book in as little as 5 minutes a day.  As busy parents, it's hard to find practices that are so efficient and powerful.  As practioners, it is hard to find products that parents will use between the virtual or clinic visits.  The ABC Letter Book™ is just that tool and you can measure outcomes to prove it.

StepUp2Start is gifting a limited number of books to families who need Early Intervention and/or have non-verbal children.  Ideally, the book will be personalized with pictures of the child's world and, if needed, we will help with that.  Then the speech, ABA, or GenEd professional works with the child and family to set the learning goals and follow up on progress.  It couldn't be easier.

In return, we would love a learning video, and critique or kudos for our outreach.  In this way, you help us spread the word of early intervention and simple home practices.  

If you are interested in participating, contact us below or email


Together we can make autism easier and strengthen

our children's home practices so they will not lose precious early intervention time. 

StepUp2Start Today!


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