ABC Letter Book Trial

For Parents and Speech Language Pathologists


We are in process of a soft launch to build a video library of how to use The ABC Letter Book so parents and caregivers have a professional reference.  This stage includes a very simple product trial where SLPs and families can get a free copy.  Ideally, the book will be personalized with pictures of the child's world and if needed we will help with that.  Then the SLP will work with the child for at least three sessions showing the family hands on.  Once complete, the family is gifted their custom book and the SLP/Clinic receives a new copy. 

The Trial includes a one minute video of the SLPs working with the child.  The video will be used to  provide an online repository for parents to model in the home.  It is vital parents have professional modeling to ensure effective engagement with their child.  The resulting videos will be used for this sole purpose and can optionally be labeled with the Clinic’s name to promote their services.

Together we can strengthen home support so children will not lose precious early intervention and can be engaged from the start. 

If you are interested in participating, please start by completing the contact information at the bottom of this page and reference ABC Trail in the message.   We will then email confirming your participation.  The Video/Photo Release Form and the Trial Agreement will need to be forwarded prior to mailing out your book.  The Survey is post sessions. 

Have a Great Step Up Day!

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