The ABC Letter Book was developed with my son’s

speech pathologist, Rebecca DiCocco Gagliardi, for his home

Autism intervention.  It was based on a book used by Kennedy

Kreiger when he attended clinic there.  One day, my son is happily

humming the letter sounds.  I ran back in and asked what they were doing.  That was the beginning of the journey.  Over the coming months, Becky and I went to work to build out the book to use with speech and ABA.  Plus, besides communication (verbal, sign, PECs, or all three!), it teaches basic developmental skills such as pointing, matching, giving, etc.  Using The ABC Letter Book is fun because you can add some of your child's personalized photos which everyone loves.  It truly is easy for any skill level to use from play to ABA and eventually becomes a wonderful keepsake too. 


Perfect home base program

Unlimited teaching moments

Best practices from Gen Ed, Speech, and ABA

Connects line drawings with photos

Uses standard PECS 2x2 photo squares

Comes fully loaded

100% satisfaction

Back in the Day

The ABC Letter book

*Note different Email than presented

so simple in design, yet comprehensive

in use

Thank you

Donations are appreciated to get more ABC Letter Books to families.  Every day resources for our young children become more unavailable and they are without help.  Unfortunately everything is becoming more self-serve.  Empowering parents and caregivers with a simple communication resource will go toward bridging the gap and start (or step up) effective home practices to progress our children.   

Help make autism easier today!