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Like so many of you, I searched and searched for ways to help

my child develop verbal language.  As part of my son Ben's

home program, I created the The ABC Letter Book with his

SLP, Rebecca DiCocco Gagliardi. 


The ABC Letter Book was based on a book used by Kennedy Kreiger when Ben was two years old and attending speech clinic.  One day, when picking Ben up from a session, he was singing... kind of, voicing these letter sounds when we were walking out.  Wait... what?!?!  This was the first time I verbally understood what he was saying.  I immediately ran back to the clinic and asked what they were doing.  


This was the beginning of Ben's journey into the world of multimodal communication and by age 7 he had

verbal language, but because we gave him multiple ways to communicate (which supported verbal development), we could (almost) always understand his needs.  And I feel like the school system and other supports that had behavioral problems with Ben simply could not, or didn't take the time to, understand what he was trying to express.   Over the coming months, Becky and I went to work to build out the book to use with EVERYONE - speech, OT, ABA, Special Education, us as parents, Ben's grandmother, and his home program support aids.   His school would have no part in it.  


The ABC Letter Book is designed around verbal language and embraces phonics which was the strategy used by KKI on that turnkey day.  But Becky and I added the rest of Ben's world, scoping out if he could sign and also teaching picture exchange - USING ACTUAL PHOTOS paired with line drawn representations so he could make the connections.  And because Ben had an amazing Special Educator (Thank you Brenda Levine!!), we designed the ABC Letter Book's framework around every child's developmental levels so we could track progress as we encouraged Ben to point, match, give, etc.  


We know you will love the ABC Letter Book for your child.  It is easy for anyone to use from play to ABA. 


Perfect home base program

Unlimited teaching moments

Best practices from Gen Ed, Speech, OT, and ABA

Connects line drawings with photos

Uses standard PECS 2x2 photo squares

Comes fully loaded with all the supplies you'll need to start right away.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Back in the Day

The ABC Letter book

*Note different Email than presented

speak - sign - picture exchange

so simple to use, yet comprehensive 
in design

Thank you

Donations are appreciated to get more ABC Letter Books to families.  Every day resources for our young children become more unavailable and they are without help.  Unfortunately everything is becoming more self-serve.  Empowering parents and caregivers with a simple communication resource will go toward bridging the gap and start (or step up) effective home practices to progress our children.   

Help make autism easier today!

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