we empower parents and caregivers with


organized and simple practices to help their child make solid progress

Does your child have special needs, learning, or communication delays?

Are you confused about which next step to take or what services you should have?


 Do you need resources, but don't know how or where to get them? 


together We can create a clear plan for you and your child

With over 15 years experience immersed in special needs and raising both typical and atypically developing triplets, not only can I streamline your hard work, but also step up your child's progress.    Together we can bring to life your vision - lifting the weight of being overwhelmed and confused - and giving you the peace in knowing you are doing the best you can.  

passion and experience

15 year special needs knowledgebase


35 years project management, administrative and organizational skills

Proactive and engaged medical coordination for cancer and autism


Fluency with understanding insurance coverage and workarounds

Mastery writing SMART goals for IEPs and Waiver plans

Simultaneous coordination of five program agencies to create crossovers

Generalizing support across settings to accelerate goal achievement

Successful sourcing of simple, free, and/or inspiring professional resources

Solutions-oriented with a strength to better every situation immediately

Data-driven analysis with focus on situational best practices

16 years raising typical and atypical triplets

B.S. in Biology with minor in Chemistry

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