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our mission
To Make Autism Easier

If you're child is without verbal language, then it is critical you give them multimodal communication. 


What is multimodal communication? 


Multimodal communication is simply communication through “modes”.  Some examples of modes may be verbal, pictures, gestures, sign language, etc. Multimodal communicators use more than one “mode” to communicate. In the high technology world we live in, we use many modes of communicating daily.



Target communication to avoid behaviors.

Create visual supports to facilitate better voice.

Create home-based practices to support understanding.

Write stronger IEP goals prioritizing your child's needs. 

Source new, free, low-cost resources.


Engage speech language practices.


Improve generalization across caregivers and environments.

... and more.

Together we can bring to life your vision, lifting the weight of

"not enough" and giving you the peace of  mind that your child is prospering.  

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