First Exchanges

 A simple yet highly effective placemat developed after years of working with nonverbal children.  Parents and clinicians will find it especially helpful in developing meaningful exchanges. Product: Meal Placemat


This Antecedent Behavior Consequence (ABC) Log helps caregivers with

new and/or problem behaviors.  Record how often it happens, the intensity (low to high),

and how long it went on. Once you have about 10 incidents noted,

you may see patterns about what is causing your child’s behavior.

You’ll have a better idea of what sets it off and what type of

consequences keep it going.  For example, a child may hit 

because the behavior leads to more one-on-one attention from an adult.  

Visual Strategies For Improving Communication

The most comprehensive autism book to explain the use of visual strategies to improve communication.  Think of the PURPOSE of a visual tool. Defining the student’s NEEDS guides the decision about what kind of tool to use. Product: Book

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