As parents and caregivers, we know first hand what it's like to have a child with special needs or learning delays.  And it's tough, if not impossible, to stay on top of getting the needed level of care from medical, educational and community resources. 


Together we can create a strong plan to leverage services and improve your child's outcomes.  We'll develop a focused vision by aligning your current supports, finding new resources, and starting (or stepping up) home practices using techniques designed by professional 

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs).  

unlocking your child's strengths

Using proven practices, teachable moments and simple solutions, you can start right now to effectively engage your child and amp up their progress.  A strong and organized home base for your child's development is key and easier than you think.  Start simply by printing out the visual strategies below, post on the fridge so everyone can step up and do one today!

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we can LEVEL UP...

  • Easy home-based practices based on professional strategies that produce noticeable change.

  • Strong IEP goals prioritizing your child's strengths and needs based off professional assessments.

  • New (and/or free) resources for immediate program improvements.

  • Best speech language practices, functional solutions and time savers.

  • Resource coordination to improve your child's generalization.

  • A solid coordinated plan of care with measurable outcomes and milestones.

  • Your home, medical, educational and community resources so you have a big picture map guiding you, your family's and child's progress.


Noah's Mom

Deirdre helped me sort through a very confusing time when my son was first diagnosed.  She asked questions to understand what I thought was best for my child and family then gave me a simple plan of best next steps.  She has a way of reminding you to stay present and not get too far ahead which helped me a lot.   

Caroline's Mom

"Deirdre wrote a gap plan for my daughter to promote her successful transition to kindergarten and a new school.  She introduced me to new resources, provided materials for organization, and shared ideas.  Deirdre has a rare combination of professional and personal experience.  I am grateful for her help and support."

Daniel's Mom


Deirdre helped our family apply for LISS funding, answered our questions and gave us referrals to use for services after we received an award.  It is simple now, but going through it wasn't and it was great to have someone to call for guidance.  

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