our goal

To make autism easier by helping families

create simple home practices to improve their child's outcomes.


We help families organize resources, home practices, and supports.  

Every action we take focuses on improving your child's progress.

 As loved ones of children with special needs, we know the tough road.  The medical, educational, and community agencies cannot keep up and every conversation is complicated and confusing.  To effectively help your child over their lifespan, you must be organized.  It is critical whether you're newly diagnosed, entering the school system, exiting the school system, or in adult transition. 


For Every Minute Spent In Organizing,

One Hour is Earned.

Ben Franklin


This is a very powerful insight especially considering time wasted waiting on appointments and assessments for Early Learners.  Don't wait.  Start now.  We can help take the curves and winding turns out of your path.  Organization is absolutely necessary to progress development, daily living skills, school program, and self-advocacy.  Plus, once your child turns 18 years old, it is a whole new world.  You think the teenage years are far away.  They are not.  Because our children learn differently, we have to start with the long term goals in mind as it can take them years to learn soft skills, attention, and the list goes on.   

Besides the ABC Letter Book as a base practice for younger children, we can improve your child's supports, write better IEPs, track progress, find your child new resources, and help you add simple strategies to make a big difference.  It is all research-based, best fit, and designed by educational professionals, BCBAs, Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), and transition specialists.  

Don't rely on endless appointments and assessments,

StepUp2Start Today!

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With the unique experience of raising triplets (one with special needs), Deirdre knows overwhelm.  Seeing atypical and typical development side-by-side, she has comparative learning to bring forth the most effective strategies to teach children.  She has gone through the process of early intervention all the way to the young adult years of transition - immersed, entrenched, and persistent in the process.  She sees the importance of things as simple as teaching your child how to sign their name or state their address, so down the road they can self-advocate for adult services such as SSI.  And as a passionate advocate, she has successfully navigated the systems to get a wealth of services and resources not only for her son, but also for many other families.  At the core of it all is creating an organized home base.

autism made easier

Seriously, we are on a mission to make autism easier for everyone! 

The path to progress is not a straight line and without a guide, your road will be filled with hills, valleys, and curvy turns.  Having walked the steps of special needs, we can help make everyone's journey better and more effective; dare I say even fun.


Get started now.

Click here for a 30 minute free consultation.  We'll talk, find out your top needs, and talk strategy targeting top ways to help your child progress.  Don't be surprised if I find you free resources!  It's my gift. When done, you will have  a customized clear plan.

Are you feeling broken hearted?  Are you new to special needs, or has your family just gotten a diagnosis?  This link can be an instant change in mindset.  Once you stop thinking "loss," you can quickly pivot to geting the resources you need.

All I can say is VISUALS!

Here are 25 top ways to incorporate them into your home and your child's learning environment.  These are easy peasy strategies that amp up learning because pictures are words to kids with special needs.

success stories

Sam and Stevie's Mom


I loved the letter book for my twin boys.  Over the years, I have bought them for friends because they are so helpful for learning and language.  Thank you!

Caroline's Mom


Deirdre wrote a gap plan for my daughter to promote her successful transition to kindergarten and a new school.  She introduced me to new resources, provided materials for organization, and shared ideas.  Deirdre has a rare combination of professional and personal experience.  I am grateful for her help and support.

Lilli's Mom


Deirdre has helped our family go from burnout to a peaceful place.  Together we created simple processes and strategies that worked for everyone and now  my home is calm... beautifully calm.  

Cassie's Mom



Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I followed your advise to ask LISS to cover cooking classes and an iPad.  I never would have thought to ask for the iPad!  She got it today.

Noah's Mom


Deirdre helped me sort through a very confusing time when my son was first diagnosed.  She asked questions to understand what I thought was best for my child and family then gave me a simple plan of best next steps.  She has a way of reminding you to stay present and focus.  

Daniel's Mom



Deirdre helped our family apply for LISS funding, answered our questions, and gave us referrals to use for services when we were picked for lottery.  She helped out so much.  Thank you!